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Knife Handles & Apple Boards: The Latest

It's a New Year and a New Woodsman! I've revamped our website once again to better reflect ourselves and what we do. It's been a journey since we started up The Local Woodsman last summer, one with plenty of ups, downs, bursts of activity and moments of blankness. Through it all we have developed ourselves and matured as a brand. Surely 2018 will continue to see more refinement and more success.

One of Bob's first knife handles.

Of course, I wouldn't say as much without letting you know about a few things we have in store! Firstly, spoons, scoops and chopsticks are still well and good, but Bob has decided to try his hand at knife handles. Knife's have long been an interest of Bob's, and it makes sense considering he is the original Woodsman. He's always had a knife for every occasion (you never know when you're going to do some mushroom pickin'), so it's a natural that knives be the next project to join our traditional kitchen goods. Bob seems pretty pleased with his first few handles, what do you think?

With great knives must come great chopping boards. We've been fortunate to find a selection of special hard woods, particularly curly maple (gorgeous!), that have been begging to be cutting and charcuterie boards, and who are we to deny these woods such a request? They're turning out beautifully. We have hopes to develop charcuterie sets: a simple, beautiful board accompanied by small versions of our hand carved spoons, as inspired by Gail and her love for entertaining guests.

While we're excited about developing these new kitchen and dining goods, we're certainly more excited about what we have already been doing, which is apple shaped cutting boards. Bob and Gail have been saving a vintage apple board since the early 80's ( it's been around longer than me, just saying) with the hopes of replicating its fun and simple nature in the future. Now, with TLW in full swing, we found that the time was right to make a few. Without gushing for too long about them, I'll just say we're in love. Why not take a gander yourself and see what you think! You'll find them in the shop and on Etsy.

Beyond what Bob's capable hands are crafting at the moment, excitement is building over the coming construction of the new Local Woodsman Studio! As this project begins, we will be documenting this new journey here in the Woodsman's Journal ( it's a blog, lets be honest, but journal sounds much, much better). We'll be posting stories and photos of the build as well as tips and DIY projects (fingers crossed!). Hey, The Local Woodsman is not just the maker of fine wooden goods, but a lifestyle brand. We've got a few things to share.

Finally, to those who have been with us since the beginning, the friends and family who have supported us in starting this business and provided the greatest praise to Bob and his incredible work, thank you. Deeply and truly. We hope you continue with us into this year and follow along as we grow and develop more. To those just joining us, the same goes to you. We hope to see you around!

All the best,

The Local Woodsman Team

(The computer nerd in the operation, Natalie)

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