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Kitchen characters

 We've been hand carving spoons for a long time. A fair few of them have become old friends in our humble kitchen. Each one has a story to share, a meal to remind us of. Each has a mark of family, a scuff of time. All speak of the meaningful, the mundane and the beautiful.


 All have been made with personality that make them indispensable, quintessential;

 They are characters in the kitchen.


Set the scene

 We know that your kitchen has it's own beat and that your style of cooking matches in time. That's why we've taken the time to develop three different types stirring spoons, different sized serving spoons, ladles, stirring paddles, chopsticks and scoops to suit your own stage. Each is made by hand, carved in our own home wood shop. Each is made with attention and devotion. Each is made as a new character, so you can tell your own kitchen story.


Come explore the latest from the work bench and browse what we have to offer in utensil sets, individual spoons and unique pieces.

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