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The Local Woodsman is a handmade goods and lifestyle brand, founded and operated by the Wood Family. What started off as a part-time hobby and passion for woodcraft has grown into an online endeavour to share with you all that we create. We are a three-part team of creatives with a love for the handmade, the well made, and the life made between our studio and the mountains.

 Our brand was developed to reflect the lifestyle that comes with the handmade. Our designs are inspired by need and necessity, and reflect our principles of respecting the environment. As such, our projects are all sourced from reclaimed wood, natural materials, and sustainable sources. While we currently express our passion for handmade in wood, we look forward to expanding into other mediums and products. 

 We are committed to the life reflected in each piece we design, and we hope that what we offer inspires you to tread softly and live beautifully.

Who We Are

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